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"Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of creative alternatives for responding to conflict." Dorothy Thompson

Many options and paths are available to resolve conflicts. Because every situation is different, the method must be tailored to the parties' needs. From mediation to facilitation, our programs help parties discuss their concerns and needs, develop resilience and creativity, improve communication and increase trust, create solutions and reach resolution. Other benefits to mediation and facilitation include confidentiality, timely resolution, cost savings, flexibility, and your ability to determine the outcome.


When siblings struggle and disagree about care and finances for their elder parent(s), mediation can help to identify solutions, create resolutions and ensure that decisions are made in their parents' best interest.


Whether a family is restructuring through divorce or separation, or parents simply want to revisit their parenting agreements, mediation helps parties communicate more effectively while maintaining focus on the children, their parenting, and their future.


Sometimes groups, from organizations to families to communities, must come together to make decisions that affect everyone. Facilitation can help ensure the meetings are respectful, everyone participates, and the outcomes are productive. 

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